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Founded in 2015, Elohi Strategic Advisors is focused on empowering companies to pioneer, develop, and innovate in the foodservice industry.  We provide leadership, strategy and execution expertise across sales, marketing and product to companies in the foodservice industry. 

We know how to get there because we’ve been there.  We add your vision to our experience, and achieve results.   

Train with Elohi

Looking to hone your knowledge in foodservice?  Learn from the best.  For the last 30 years, we have worked at large global companies, high-growth start-ups and everything in between.  We leverage our experience to set your business up for scalable, sustainable growth. 

Contact us to schedule a training or an introductory meeting. 

Foodservice 101


Foodservice is where trends start. And, in normal times, it is more than 50% of the total food industry and it tends to be a more profitable channel for companies. So, the real question is why would you NOT be in foodservice?

Elohi’s Foodservice 101 training is a deep dive into the complexities of foodservice. Foodservice isn’t hard, but it is complicated.  



Alternative Protein Pricing Strategy

Foodservice is complicated, but it is not hard. It is not to be undertaken lightly or by a team that does not have the right experience. Products, packaging, pricing, marketing collateral, messaging, and distribution must all be tailored to the needs of the new business. Understanding how to navigate the push/pull demand generation of operators and distributors is paramount to success. Elohi’s Pricing Strategy training will guide your through the complex process of crafting a strong pricing strategy. 

Alternative Protein Basics

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chair Google, said “The number one “game-changing” trend of the future is the consumption of plant-based proteins instead of meat.” From niche coasts to middle America,  from burger to all other meat, from vegan/vegetarian to flexitarian, alternative proteins are taking over consumer diets. Elohi’s Alternative Protein Basics training will give your team the foundations, history and future trends in the alternative protein market.  

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